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The Generation Gap’s Getting Even Wider — Get Ready for the 'Posts'


HNI HR Manager

This battle of generations in the workplace will forever be an issue that employers need to tackle — and before you know it, there will be another generation submitting resumes.


It's time to get ready for the Posts — individuals who were born after the late '90s. These up-and-comers (many now are teens) are defined by being “post-9/11, post-tsunami, post-Obama election, post-Great Recession and post-millennial,” according to an article in ChicagoBusiness.com that highlighted research on this young generation.

In a world of ever-changing strategy and uncertainty, it's never too early for business leaders to embrace generational differences and leverage them to an advantage. Here's a snapshot of key Post characteristics to help you get started: 

Posts are Connected

If Millennials were digital natives, Posts are social media natives. They want to be in touch from a technological and social standpoint.

Posts are Travelers

They have a global sensibility that likely evolved from living in a world of globalized industry. They will be willing to move to find better work and better lives. What's more, their everyday mobile and cloud technology will allow them to work from anywhere in the world.

Posts are Frugal

Unlike other generations, money isn't a big deal to Posts. They won't want to take on debt to live large. This disinterest in material wealth may make Posts less ambitious in their careers. 

Posts are Not Worried

Their outlook is much more c’est la vie than that of the generations before them. The mind-set of a Post is: Continue on your path and things will fall into place.

How Posts Will Change Your Organization

As Posts enter the workplace, get ready for a sea change. Being less focused on money and more on connection for connection's sake could turn the business world as we know it upside down.

Posts also could become great peacemakers who emphasize nurturing relationships. For instance, Posts might shy away from using personal events as starting points for business conversations. A Post wouldn't email Bob about his sick cat... and also bring up a million-dollar contract.

Whatever your opinion is about this new generation, one thing is certain: They will come into the work world just like you did — self-conscious, a little lost, and eager to learn. They will need your help, and your organization will get stronger when you make an effort to understand where they're coming from.

Working across the generation gap will be covered in our next HNI University event — a July 16 webinar on "Attracting the Next Generation of Talent in Transportation." Click the button below for details.

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