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Better Than a Bonus: Employee Recognition Program Ideas

employee recognition program ideasTHERESA DEW
HNI Human Resources Manager

All employees, from the C-suite to the shop floor, want to feel valued. This is an important rule for business owners to remember. That's because employees work harder when they feel happy, valued, and appreciated, and employees who work harder are good news for business owners.

Employee recognition program ideas are a great start toward showing your talent they are valued. Employee recognition programs can help create a positive team environment in which employees can thrive. Think of it this way: The goal is to make your employees love their job for more than the work they do.

Unlike bonuses, which may be the status quo at your organization, a employee recognition program doesn't have to carry a big price tag. All it takes is a little creativity and a commitment to offering recognition in a consistent manner. Here are employee recognition program ideas to get you started:

Recognize the Behavior You Want to Reinforce

This is the very first step in the creation of your program. Identifying what kind of performance/behavior you value in an employee and what you want to reward to see more of. Behavior you could recognize are: exceptional customer service, leadership, achieving performance goals, and ambassadors for your company.

Make Your Employees Aware of the Program and Get Them Motivated

Tell your employees you are establishing an employee appreciation program and get their feedback. This will kick off the program just right. The fact that you’re taking their opinion into effect will immediately make them feel valued. This is the time to let employees know the awards will not be fiscal (i.e., employees won't be getting a check or cash). Declare that the program is meant to recognize the little things that make big differences in your work environment.

Set Program Goals that Make Sense for Your Organization

Rewards should be customized to your company. Giving this week’s top employee a day to work at home will not make sense if your employees already have the option to do so. This is an element of program planning that really depends on input from your employees.

Who knows the productivity you could unleash by simply telling your employees how valuable they are to your organization's success! How did you launch an employee recognition program? What's worked best for your organization? Please share in comments!

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