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It's Your Turn to Program HNI University

Suggestions for HNI University

HNI Marketing Coordinator

This year has been great for HNI University, our series of seminars featuring industry thought leaders. We've tackled hot topics on the minds of business owners, HR professionals, and risk managers, including sessions on cyber risks in the trucking industryhow to engage employees at open enrollment, and, coming tomorrow, aligning chiropractic treatment and work comp claims (yes, there's still time to sign up!). Our workshops run the gamut, and to keep up the high standard, we need your help planning HNI U next year.

We're building our calendar of events for 2015, and we want your input! The only rule is that sessions must answer our most important commitment: to drive change through the education of our clients, our industry, and ourselves.

Today's business environment is complex and ever-changing, filled with compliance concerns, evolving technology, and a diverse workforce. The insight gained at HNI U is something you can leverage in your unique organization. Here's your chance to sound off on what topics matter most to you.

What would you like to see when "class" starts in 2015? Do you know of speakers with unique and inspiring perspectives? Please fill out the form below with your suggestions. Thanks for your input!

If you need a push to get those creative juice flowing, here's a look at HNI University in 2014:

Risk Management Series

DOT Compliance: A Crash Course for Non-Transportation Entities - SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE

Does Your Vehicle Maintenance Program Measure Up? - SLIDE DECK & VIDEO RECAP AVAILABLE

Safety Basics for the Non-Safety Professional - SLIDE DECK AND RECORDING AVAILABLE

GET CERTIFIED: NATMI CDS & CSS Safety Certification

DRIVER RECRUITING SUMMIT: The Risks & Opportunities of Filling Your Fleet - SLIDE DECKS AVAILABLE

How Social Media is Changing the Game in Claims Handling - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Succession Planning & Business Valuation Post-Recession: Creating a Smooth & Profitable Exit Strategy - SLIDE DECKS AVAILABLE

Cyber Risks Looming in the Transportation Industry - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Beat the Insurance Addiction & Stop Being at the Mercy of the Market - VIEW PRESENTATION

NATMI Fleet Accident Investigation

Proven Strategies to Control Work Comp Costs - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

2014 FMCSA and Wisconsin State Patrol Update - SLIDE DECKS AVAILABLE

Human Resources and Leadership Series

Manager & Supervisor Bootcamp

Managing People Risk - SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE

Attracting the Next Generation of Talent in Transportation - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Hazard Communication How-To: Getting in Compliance w/ OSHA's GHS Standards - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Benefits Communication Bootcamp: How to Engage and Inspire Your Employees This Year at Open Enrollment - SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE

Leverage Social Media to Make Employees Your Best Recruiters - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Health Care Reform Series

Know the Rules: Wellness Programs Under the ACA - SLIDE DECK & RECORDING AVAILABLE

Extreme Makeover: Health Care Edition | Reaping Radical Savings from Innovative Benefits Strategies - SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE

Onsite Care: Can This Strategy Change Your Health Care Game? - SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE

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