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Team Post Loss: Your Secret Weapon in Claims Management

Team Post Loss at HNI

Want more training on risk management, claims management, or reporting workers compensation claims? Need to protect your experience MOD? Can't break through communication issues with a claim adjuster? At HNI, we turn to Team Post Loss! HNI's two-expert team assists clients with all things claims. We're pleased to report that in 2013, Team Post Loss so far has corrected 35 client experience modification ratings for a combined savings of $263,803.29 in premium!

Let's get to know Team Post Loss a little better:

Jodi Mathy

Role at HNI: Post Loss Specialist for four years

What I do (in a nutshell): I consult and train clients on risk management and claims management, and I help clients control workers compensation costs. I manage clients' experience modification factors, which requires working with clients and adjusters. The goal is to ensure that clients have enough money in reserves and an action plan in case of a big claim. Team Post Loss and the advisory team at HNI try to match reserves to known exposures. This protects clients from excessive negative effects from a claim. An action plan helps to close claims quickly.

Best part of my job: I like going on appointments with our relationship managers (sales staff) to meet face-to-face with clients and prospects. I find the direct contribution to our clients' experiences truly rewarding. I also like finding creative ways to mitigate clients' losses and to help them fully reap the benefits of the insurance they have purchased.

What you may not know about me: My dream job is to be an FBI agent. I have an absolute passion for investigation. I could give Clarice Starling a run for her money! 

Background: Before I worked at HNI, I handled architect and engineer professional liability claims, general and auto liability claims and workers compensation claims. I earned both sociology and criminal justice bachelor's degrees from UW-Parkside.

Jennifer Fredrick

Role: Post Loss Administrator for four years

What I do (in a nutshell): I report any agency reporting of claims on behalf of our clients. I work with our clients and internal team members to provide claim management on liability and workers compensation claims. Like Jodi, I also manage our clients' experience modification factors to protect our clients from adverse effects that could be caused by insufficient reserves or by not having an action plan. I also audit our clients experience mod for accuracy. It's exciting to share how a reduction of hundredths can make a notable difference to a client's bottom line. For example, I recently discovered an error in a client's mod rating that will result in a 0.04 reduction and an estimated $15,620 in premium savings!

Best part of my job: One of my favorite things about my job is finding claims where reserve reductions and/or closure is appropriate prior to our clients unit stat filing. I find it truly rewarding to be able to reduce our client’s claim exposure on their experience mod.

What you may not know about me: On my free time I enjoy spending time with my kids, snowboarding, and running. I'm very passionate about helping people. My dream job is to be a psychologist for children. 

Background: Before I worked at HNI, I was a claims administrator for a logistics company. I worked closely with adjusters on workers compensation, auto liability, and collision claims. I was responsible for gathering and documenting complete information from employees on their losses to report to insurance carrier; subrogating of employee claims with responsible party; managing reserves; participating in claim reviews; and training new hires on accident prevention.

If you're hungry for premium savings, need guidance on work comp, or want to take risk management to the next level, Team Post Loss wants to talk to you!

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