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5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Rock

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truck driver appreciation and wellness weekTruck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week is coming to close, but it's always time to celebrate what makes truck drivers great.

Please enjoy the following five reasons why truck drivers rock:

1.) Without them, our goods would get nowhere fast

If you've ever enjoyed a strawberry out of season or watched the back door for a package to arrive, you know the power of trucking. Truck drivers roll coast to coast to make sure we get the things we need (and lots of things we don't really need, but really, really want — and we're very thankful for that!).

Trucking dominates the transportation industry, with 83.7% of the revenue. To compare, the next closest sector is rail, with 5.6% of the revenue. This means if it's at your house or office, it probably got there by way of a truck. Here's another jaw-dropping stat: The trucking industry moves $4,422 in goods per second

2.) They get to drive amazing machines

If you've every taken a road trip, you've tried to get a truck driver to blow his horn. And when you were successful, there was a giant smile plastered on your face. Big trucks and their big horns bring out the little kid in all of us!

Let's take a moment to respect the knowledge that a driver must possess to keep a truck in road-ready shape. The lights! The wheels! The chrome! The giant engine! That's a lot of equipment to keep in peak condition.

And another cool piece of equipment has to be the CB radio. We've all made up potential handles, right? Having a CB handle is like having a secret identity!

3.) They're well-traveled

The United States is rich in geographic wonders, regional cuisine, and local traditions. Truck drivers get to see it all, from north to south, from east to west. Just imagine: Barbecue in Texas one day, citrus in Florida on another day, salmon in Washington a few days later... makes your mouth water!

Truck drivers also get to meet lots of different kinds of people all over the country, and they also spend their money at businesses all over the country, enriching local economies. A life on the road gives them a opportunity to connect with lots of people in lots of places, which surely leads to lots of great stories and unique perspectives.

4.) They're generous and compassionate

Truck drivers have a charitable streak! American Trucking Associations supports Truckers Against Trafficking, a organization that encourages drivers to report human trafficking they see as they cross the country. This is an important human rights issue, as the U.S. Department of Justice estimates that up to 300,000 youth are at risk of being forced into the sex trade each year.

ATA also supports the Trucker Buddy program, which matches classes of schoolchildren with a truck driver pen pal. The students learn about geography, math, social studies, and writing through their correspondence with a driver. Some drivers even arrange to visit classes to show off their trucks!

5.) They have a whole movie genre, and that's pretty cool

Just check out this list of the top 10 best trucking movies of all timeHow can "Smokey and the Bandit" be only No. 3?



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