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Looking for a Soapbox? [A Call for Guest Bloggers]

HNI Marketing Coordinator 

We love social media (just check us out on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn) here at HNI. AndWrite a blog in the spirit of "social," we've decided to turn over our blog... to you!

This is a call for blog submissions. We know you're brimming with amazing ideas and insight, and we want to build a sense of community around readers of this blog. So from time to time, we'd like to volunteer our blog as a soapbox for customers, insurance carriers, and general big-idea-haversCould this be you?

Submissions should meet these guidelines:

  • 400-600 words (that's roughly one double-spaced page with a 12-point font)
  • Content that is original and authored by you 
  • No sales pitches, please. Let's elevate the conversation.

HNI reserves the right to edit and turn down posts, of course, but guest bloggers would get a byline and links to their site. We are also happy to help you revise any rough drafts or ideas you may have!

Comment below or email Erin, Marketing Coordinator at HNI, at evanhandel@hni.com to get started on your guest submission. We can't wait to share your ideas!

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