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Who Do the New Hours of Service Regulations Apply To?

HNI Associate Vice President 

There's been a lot of confusion about the new Hours of Service regulations, which are set to take effect July 1 in spite of legal challenges. We've put together a video series that transportation companies can use to inform themselves and to train their drivers.  

In the first part of the video series, our in-house Hours of Service expert, Associate Vice President Don Jerrell, explains who this regulation will apply to in a two-and-a-half-minute overview.

Is it Interstate or Intrastate?

To restate what Don discussed in the video, companies must determine whether they are involved in interstate or intrastate commerce to determine if the new HOS rules apply to them. Intrastate commerce regulations vary, and may be different from interstate rules. 

To determine with it is inter or intrastate, it's all about the cargo, not about the driver. Let's say a driver picks up a load in Chicago, drops it in Milwaukee, and another driver takes it to Green Bay. Even though the second driver (Milwaukee to Green Bay) never crossed state lines, he still is involved in interstate commerce.

In What Cases Do the Hours of Service Apply?

After a motor carrier has confirmed interstate status, it's time to figure out when hours of service apply. The details appear in 390.5 in the rule book. HOS rules apply when:

  • The combined weight of the power unit and trailer is greater than 10,001 pounds
  • You're hauling hazardous material that requires placards and the unit weight is less than 10,001 pounds

There are some exceptions to this, including for transportation of farm machinery, some crops, and apiarian industries (beekeeping), which we will cover in more detail in upcoming videos and posts.

Learn More About the New Hours of Service and Train Your Drivers

Understanding and complying with the new regulations is essential. Don has recorded a training video series that runs approximately 30 minutes long and consists of nine modules to assist transportation companies in this effort. Click here to request a free DVD or access link to watch the HOS training series to review and share with drivers.

[ WATCH THE VIDEOS ] Hours of Service Training

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