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Melton Truck Lines Takes Innovative Approach to Driver Wellness

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Driver wellness is a huge issue is the transportation industry, but designing a program that works for drivers is tough.  Lack of healthy food options, ergonomically unfriendly work spacesMelton driver wellness (truck cabs), extreme fatigue, and always being on the road are just a few barriers companies face.

Moving the needle on driver wellness takes creativity and commitment.  Our customer, Melton Truck Lines, is demonstrating both of these qualities in the design of its new, driver-friendly headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Melton’s HQ Will Promote Driver Wellness

The design of Melton’s facility makes a huge statement about the company’s commitment to driver wellness.  When completed, the 77,000-square-foot corporate headquarters will feature full driver amenities, including a cafeteria, medical clinic, and laundry station.

The new headquarters will include a 3,500-square-foot fitness center, including a women-only section. Outside, there will be a landscaped walking and jogging trail, complete with workout stations for employees.

The high-end driver center will be completed in May 2014 and will be a home-away-from-home for Melton's 900 truck drivers.  Mechanics and administrators also will be housed at the headquarters. In total, about 250 employees will work from the new office.

Melton’s Culture of Wellness is Turning Heads

Melton's culture of wellness has gained a lot of attention. The firm earned the Champions of Health award from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma and the new facility has received significant media coverage.

Beyond serving as a wellness resource for its existing drivers, the new facility will also be a powerful driving recruiting tool.  Melton is constantly looking to attract new drivers (like many other trucking companies) and this facility will serve as a unique differentiator that drivers will be excited to talk about with others. 

For those who want to follow along, Melton has posted a live feed camera to their website to capture all construction progress. Click here to see the camera feed!

Driver wellness will continue to be a big issue. What steps has your firm taken to address employee wellness? Please share in comments!


[Bucking Driver Turnover with Wellness] An interview with Melton Truck Lines


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