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Flight Obamacare Ready for Takeoff [VIDEO]


Flight ObamaCare is on schedule and departing with or without you.  Are you ready?

  • Do you know your compliance obligations for next year?
  • Have you decided whether you are going to “Pay or Play?”
  • What is your plan for controlling health care costs?
  • Have your employees heard from you about the future of health insurance and how you see it?

It doesn’t matter whether your seat back tray tables are up, if your seats are in their upright position, or if all electronic devices are off …this thing is taking off whether you are ready or not.

We’re prepared to help make your flight as comfortable as possible - given the expected turbulence. 

Join our HNI Crewmember Renee Kuhs TOMORROW November 14, 2012 for a briefing on the future of health care reform and what employers should be doing right now. Book your “ticket” asap on one of two flights (at 10 AM CST or 1 PM).  Seats are going fast!



Topics: HR / Employee Benefits