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The Social Enterprise in a Web 2.0 World [Can You Keep Up?]


President & CEO

If we've had a recent conversation lately, there's little doubt that the whole business transformation topic has come up.  For the last couple years I've been fascinated with the way business has begun to transform itself under the premise of Web 2.0.  

Perhaps the most fascinating impact social technologies have had on business has been transparency.

Customers are looking to do business with companies that get it and are willing to be authentic.  Like no other time in history, the web has brought humanism to business.

This video is a recap of a presentation I gave in Nashville with James Carlson.  If you have reservations about social media or the cloud and you're hoping this will just blow over, this short video may challenge your thinking. If you're embracing this transformation, this video may shed some light on how to unleash your potential. 




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