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Employees are Going Mobile With or Without You – BETTER KEEP UP!

The way we work is changing fast; the workplace today is all about the NOW. Mobile technology is making it easier than ever to connect and share information instantaneously, which is what co-workers (and customers) have grown to expect.

Smartphone and iPad owners are no longer only the “early adopters”—they’re everywhere! These devices are also evolving in their uses. Instead of just responding to emails and playing Angry Birds on-the-go, people can work through complex business projects from virtually anywhere. 

Why you need to pay attention to mobile in your company 

In a recent poll, 53% of workers who use a computer for work said mobile devices were actually their primary work tools. As workers are beginning to understand the benefits of these mobile technologies (especially the iPad) they are increasingly using them to complete their everyday projects. 

The iPad and other devices at work allow users to do things like:

  • Electronically record and store meetings, notes, or video
  • Connect to team members and clients at any time for the fastest response to questions and problems
  • Create presentations and spreadsheets on the go, and sync them with your PC
  • Extend your company’s reach through social networking, blogs, and virtual meetings
  • Stay on top of industry trends and new innovations with eBooks, webinars, and the (limitless) internet at your fingertips.

People are using their devices at and for work…whether you like it or not

People are using their social networks to bounce around new product ideas and posting on discussion boards to get their questions answered. They are taking the initiative to try new applications and use cloud tools to work on many projects at once. All this can be done from a cubicle or a cabana, and people aren’t asking permission to do so anymore. 

40% of those who report using mobile devices to do work purchase the tools themselves.  They’re not hanging around waiting for the company-issued Blackberry – they’re working the way they want to, with the tools they want to use to do so.

Supervisors need to be aware of the changes technology is driving in the traditional business model. You may be for or against this, but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter.  This trend is not going away, and more and more of your workers will be using these devices in the near future.

Don’t fight it: embrace it 

Keeping up with this shift in the way people are working is essential to staying competitive.  Customers are attracted to companies that embrace a forward thinking mindset in this regard, as is the new generation of talent. 

The potential for mobile and social technologies transcends any one department.  You can use it in marketing, customer service, risk management, sales, and more.  Are you maximizing the use of these tools?  Learn more about this topic by signing up for our next HNI University event on July 24, iPad for Business.  Watch the video below for a preview of what we’ll be covering. 

This is one of our most popular workshops every year, and seats go quickly!  Sign up to reserve your spot at the July 24th iPad for Business workshop.


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