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Health Care Reform: Waiting for the Court’s Decision

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) has been faced with an onslaught of legal challenges since shortly after it was signed into law on March 23, 2010.  Even before implementation began, numerous lawsuits challenging various provisions of the law were filed throughout the country. 

The status of Health Care Reform

Our nation’s highest court is currently reviewing the law and will soon hand down a verdict on its ultimate fate.  In November 2011, the Supreme Court agreed to consider whether the Health Care Reform law was constitutional.   In late March 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments.  We’ll soon know the outcome of the challenges - the Court has promised to release its final opinion in June 2012. 

Everyone has an opinion on what the Supreme Court should decide.  Even while oral arguments were still being heard by the Supreme Court, the media, politicians and even the President of the United States were offering their insight as to what the Supreme Court might or should do.  Whether you ask a constitutional law expert or your neighbor, everyone has a prediction as to how the Court will rule.

Don't jump the gun...we don't have the verdict yet

In anticipation of the Supreme Court’s ruling, one senatorial candidate in Indiana went so far as to record four separate videos, each supporting different outcomes. 

His staff inadvertently released all four videos to his campaign website (oops).  This gaffe was quickly picked up by media outlets, and his blunder has become comic fodder for the rest of the nation eagerly awaiting a long-overdue Supreme Court decision.

The video below shows this accidental comedian’s four “pre-sponses” to the ruling…and our take on it! 


Learn about the ruling and what it means for your business

While we don’t have the final word on health care reform yet, we’re preparing to review the ruling as soon as it’s available so that we can be prepared to recommend next steps and help you understand how it will impact your business.  Sign up for our July 19th webinar to learn more and be ready to respond – whatever the court decides!

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