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FMCSA Shuts Down 2 More Trucking Companies, Citing "Imminent Hazard"

Over the past three weeks, the FMCSA has shut down two more trucking companies, citing that they are imminent hazards to the motoring public. These companies were audited due to their high CSA scores, which were caused by poor roadside inspections.

On May 16, BM&L and its subsidiaries, an Alabama trucking company, were ordered to cease operations immediately based upon serious safety violations in the categories of Hours of Service, Driver Qualifications and Vehicle Maintenance.

On May 25, Demco Trucking out of Texas was ordered to immediately cease operations due to serious violations in Hours of Service, Driver Qualification, and Drug Testing Requirements.

Roadside inspectors are also interviewing drivers of companies with high CSA scores during roadside inspections. Recently, a FHP trooper with the Bureau of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement conducted a field interview with a Davis Transfer driver who was stopped at a northbound scale house near Miami. According to a report, the driver alleges that Davis Transfer “has their employees drive over their hours and tells them to use ‘off duty’ time for loading of trucks.” What are your drivers telling officers during roadside inspections?

The moral of this story? Make sure your drivers are prepared for roadside inspections -- especially with the Roadcheck Inspection Blitz starting Tuesday, June 5th.  This week, it’s even more important to make sure that your drivers are complying with the HOS regulations and that your equipment is in the best possible shape. 


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