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Missed Our Behavior Bank Account Workshop?

Last week, we held an HNI University event on Driving Organizational Performance & Waste Reduction With the Behavior Bank Account.  In this workshop, Chad Tisonik covered a range of topics related to incentive programs and changing employee behavior, touching on things like: 

  • Tools to uncover unwanted and wanted behaviors
  • Why some incentive programs fail
  • Examples of how your employee's negative behaviors are costing your company money
  • Ways to help employees "own" their risk and behaviors
  • Real world examples of how The Behavior Bank Account works
The webinar recording and slide deck are available download.  [Click here to access.]  We also recorded a few short videos with Chad highlighting some of the most important points he covered.

How do you gain employee buy-in for an incentive program?



What challenges are posed by the next generation of workers?



What does a successful incentive program look like?


Visit our current HNI University schedule to view a current list of upcoming events! 

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits