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Top 10 Blogs of 2011 [And What's to Come in 2012?]

top blogsAs we enter a new year, we thought it would be fun to go back and look over our blogs from 2011.  As your business partner, we try to keep up with the most relevant topics, news, and legislative updates that you are dealing with.  The following is a list of the top 10 most read posts of the past year!

1. How should employers handle the new concealed carry law in WI?

    The legalization of concealed carry in Wisconsin was a hot topic for all employers across the state in 2011.  This post outlined the details of new law, as well as what questions employers should consider.


    2. Happy Holidays from HNI!

      Our goofy Christmas card this year (called the “12 Days of HNI”) generated some major buzz.  Click here to see it for yourself…


      3. The Right to Bear Arms...At Work

        Expanding on post #1, Renee Kuhs [our compliance attorney] listed a number of questions we’d been getting from clients on concealed carry.  We also posted sample policies, “no weapons” signage template, and materials that could be used for internal trainings on the new law.


        4. What You Need to Know About the FMCSA’s New Mobile Phone Restrictions

          Effective January 3rd of this year, commercial drivers are completely banned from using hand held cell phones while driving. Don Jerrell outlined the need-to-knows on this new rule.


          5. Driver Retention: the Unmentioned Wicked Problem 

            Jeff Karr authored this post on how trucking companies can better retain quality drivers.  While everyone in the industry knows recruiting is a challenge, retention issues are less discussed [but equally as important!]


            6. What Keeps You Up at Night? Identify your Wicked Problems.

              “Wicked problem” is one of the key words in our lingo at HNI.  This post by our CEO back in February introduced the phrase which we use to refer to the root causes of business problems that you just can’t write a check to make go away.


              7. What is your MUDA? Get rid of the waste in your organization. 

                Chad Tisonik contributed this post getting at the seven indicators of waste (Muda in Japanese) in an organization.  Few organizations can take a look at these indicators and say “not me”!


                8. Myth-busting Needed Around CSA

                  CSA has impacted the transportation industry for over a year, but myths perpetuated by truck stop lawyers have resulted in a lot of confusion among many drivers.  Chris Tanke, our transportation practice leader, does some “myth busting” in this post.   


                  9. Are you Captivated?

                    With companies both large and small struggling to manage the cost of traditional insurance, many businesses are now looking to captives as a possible solution.  This post talked a little bit about some captives basics.


                    10. Are You Really Saving Money By Self Administering Your HRA?

                    In our experience, many employers that self-administer an HRA often overlook important compliance obligations that put them at financial risk.  In this post, Renee Kuhs outlines some of the most important regulatory areas to keep in mind.

                    We plan to continue to produce great content in 2012!  Any topics you’d like to see more about?  Comment below and let us know!

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