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Truck Drivers, We Salute You

From the Entire HNI Team

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.  Most people don’t often take the time to think about what professional drivers do for all of us.  If they give a thought to truck drivers at all, it’s probably due to the occasional driver appreciation weekinconvenience of a truck going slower than they'd like or a truck making a right turn and swinging into “their” lane of traffic. 

We truly believe truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the U.S. economy.  We are proud to serve the transportation industry and are lucky to meet and work with many of our nation’s drivers.  The work ethic and pride of these men and women can’t be matched.  There is no other group of workers that better demonstrates the essence of our country than professional truck drivers. 

Drivers, we salute you.  We appreciate the fact that you dedicate yourself everyday to what can be sometimes thankless work, battling the elements and obstacles to deliver the things we all depend on.

This week if you’re traveling, take the time to show your appreciation by saluting the truck drivers that make this country run.  Without truck drivers, America stops!

Are you doing anything to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week?  Comment below and let us know!

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