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Driver Recruiting: the New Priority of the Transportation Industry

In a time when unemployment rates threaten to top 10 percent, the transportation industry is currently facing the worst driver transportation recruitingshortage it’s ever seen.  Despite offering competitive wages, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract qualified candidates to enter the industry.

While there have been mild driver shortages in the past, the economic recovery of the construction and manufacturing sectors is stretching the existing driver population to the max.  Now that business is finally back on track in many industries, companies are finding their freight stuck on the loading docks.  Shippers and motor carriers alike are facing the reality that there just aren’t enough truck drivers to cover all of the jobs as they come up.

This issue is being further compounded by the new CSA regulations and changes to HOS requirements.  While some of the changes may improve safety and quality in the long term, in the short term, this drastically shrinks the pool of drivers.  With an eye on CSA scores, trucking firms are seeking more experienced drivers with cleaner driving records, but the supply simply isn’t available.

In this changing environment, it’s imperative for motor carriers to hone their recruitment and retention skills to remain competitive.  The guy who has the most drivers, wins.  Drivers are the foundation of the business, and without them, you can’t service your accounts. 

Make attracting and retaining top talent THE priority of your business.  Driver recruiting is going to continue to be a challenge for transportation companies, so laying the foundation now is crucial.

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