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Leverage Analytics in YOUR Business

Account Executive, HNI

There is a new economy for business. Profit margins are razor thin, error margins are negligible and morale margins are diminished.  Under these conditions, successfully running a business profit marginsis at best challenging, and at worst, uncertain.  

In this environment, expense cutting is top of mind for chief executives.  Everyone is trying to do more with less and boost productivity. 

New technology is allowing for evermore transparency, for better or for worse.  Everyone is watching everyone else: shippers, competing motor carriers, logistics providers, and even regulators.  The observations are becoming more specific, critical and consequential.  Shippers are empowered to decide who will haul their freight using more precise performance measurements of motor carriers.

In response to these changes, executives are embracing an emerging discipline within their companies to overcome and capitalize on the challenge: ANALYTICS.  This entails understanding how metrics and behavior mesh to create and sustain optimum performance. 

In short, it's business by the numbers.  The change is real, and it is happening fast. Failing to act means operating at a competitive disadvantage.

Do you know how to use analytics in your business?  If you’re not sure, find out.  If you think you’re already on top of it, make sure. It may mean the difference between success and failure. 

Topics: Transportation