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Is anyone really listening? Voice your opinion on the HOS proposal!


Transportation Specialist, HNI

We tell people things all the time.  Fun things, important things, silly things, sad things, happy things. Are people really listening?  Well, when you want something changed, you need to be heard.  When a proposal is made, if you aren’t listening, you just get stuck with it. 

Take this chance to make sure the government hears you.  The comment period is open until 2/28/11 for the hours of service proposal, so let the government know you don’t want to pay even more for all the goods we consume (since everything but babies are delivered by a truck.)  Tell the FMCSA your thoughts regarding the good and not-so-good aspects of the HOS proposal

The government is required to read all unique letters, but form letters do not have to be read.  Get creative and put your thoughts down as to what you think should be improved upon in the HOS proposal.  If you keep your mouth shut, the government will think all is fine, dandy, and that you love the HOS proposal.

In a previous HOS comment period, 53,000 comments were submitted.  When the technical college proposal came out, 90,000+ comments were submitted.  Let the government hear the trucking industry’s thoughts on the HOS proposal.  Write your letter today and submit electronically or by mail it to:


Ms.  Anne Ferro, Administrator

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

ATTN: Hours of Service of Drivers

Docket#: FMCSA-2004-19608

1200 New Jersey Avenue, S. E.

Washington, DC 20590  


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