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Texting While Driving: It’s Illegal in Wisconsin

Compliance Attorney, HNI

Thanks to a new law, texting while driving in Wisconsin is not only illegal but it’s costly.  If a law enforcement officer suspects that you are texting while driving, they can pull you over. 

If you are ticketed, plan on writing out a check for somewhere texting while driving resized 600between $100 and $400 for your first offense.  If you are ticketed again for texting while driving in the same year, you’ll be parting with not less than $200 and up to $800. 

Wisconsin currently prohibits inattentive driving, which includes texting or talking on a cell phone.  Beginning on December 1, 2010, an officer may pull you over on the sole basis that you are suspected of texting while driving. 

Next time you are tempted to send a quick text to someone while you’re driving down the road, stop and think about the fines you’ll pay if you’re caught.  To test your texting and driving IQ, take this quiz

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