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CSA 2010 Regulations Impacting Commercial Vehicle Drivers

CSA 2010 regulation changes will have a major impact on all commercial vehicle drivers. With CSA, the FMCSA is targeting specific behaviors of the driver or motor carriers in the hopes of improving the safety of the transportation industry.

CSA 2010 set forth 6 BASIC scores that are used to determine how safe the driver is considered to be.  BASIC scores will be used to compare drivers within the same company as well as with other companies in the same spectrum.

The 6 areas to measure driver performance are as follows [UPDATE: Since this blog was published, the FMCSA has announced these will change in summer of 2012. The SMS Preview offers a first look at the new and modified BASICs. Click here for information on how to preview the changes.]:

Controlled Substance and Alcohol: This CSA 2010 regulation measures whether a driver has operated a commercial motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other misuse of medication.  

Vehicle Maintenance:  The driver as well as the company will now be impacted if a driver receives a ticket for any maintenance necessary on a commercial vehicle such as brakes, lights, or any other mechanical defects.

Improper Loading/Cargo Securement: Any incidents resulting from spills, dropped cargo, unsafe or hazardous material loading or handling will result in the impact of a drivers record according to the CSA 2010 changes.

Fatigued Driving:  This covers hours-of-service regulations. If a driver is found to be ill or overly fatigue and unfit to drive, that will  work against a driver’s record.

Unsafe Driving: under CSA 2010 compliance, drivers found driving in a dangerous or careless manner will now be penalized towards their driving records.

Driver Fitness:  Deficiencies in this area are for incorrect or expired driver licenses & medical certificates. The crashes are an important focal point in CSA 2010. Ther driver’s performance in the six other areas are evaluated on the likelihood of a crash – thus the driver’s behaviors.  


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