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What You Need from Trucking Insurance

Trucking insurance
can be a steep climb let alone complex. Unfortunately the only sure thing is that it can be more costly to be under-insured.  It is important to understand the different kinds of trucking insurance available for truckers in order to determine what is needed and what should be considered.

Primary Liability Insurance:

Primary liability insurance is a mandatory trucking insurance in order for truckers to be on the road.  This trucking insurance protects people from damage or injuries to a third party as a result of a trucking accident.  Primary liability insurance is a mandatory trucking insurance by state and federal agencies.

General Liability Insurance:

General liability insurance is just that, it’s a trucking insurance that protects truck drivers against accidentals that may happen while a driver is away from his truck, while the truck is parked, and theft and vandalism.

Physical Damage Insurance:

Trucking Insurance is available for any physical damage done to a truck or trailer through an accident, theft, vandalism, collision, or natural disaster.  Physical Damage Trucking Insurance usually varies based on the contents and value of the truck or equipment.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance:

Motor truck cargo is trucking insurance for the cargo that a truck may carry.  The cost of this trucking insurance is depended upon the value and contents the driver may be transporting.

Non-Trucking Liability: 

Non-trucking liability insurance is for when the drivers are not working.  This is usually something the company purchase to protect the trucks.

Although we are in a competitive market and companies have to make a cutback on their extra costs, insurance is one of those required expenses that needs to be budgeted for.  The cost of not having appropriate trucking insurance could be more costly for a business than anticipated!

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