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Advisory Spotlight: Meet Julie Lillegren, Creative Communications Specialist

Director of Marketing at HNI 

Our team members are committed to changing the game for our clients, our company, and our community.  Some of them you may “know” from their blogs and social media activity, even if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them in person yet. 

Julie_LillegrenTo virtually introduce more of these experts, our monthly Advisory Spotlight will feature a Q&A with some of the great people on our team.

This month, we interviewed Julie Lillegren, Communications Specialist at HNI.  Read on to learn more about the work she does with our clients and what makes her tick.

Name & Title

Julie Lillegren, Creative Communications Specialist


Pewaukee, WI…Yep, I didn’t end up venturing too far. Holiday traveling is a breeze!


Ready for a mouthful? I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies with a Strategic Communication Concentration and Digital Arts & Culture Certificate.

First Job

I got my first taste of the world of work at Sendik’s as a Floral Clerk at the age of 14.

About Julie’s Role at HNI

I work with clients on any and all projects that require communications support.  At HNI, we help our clients drive change in their organizations – and effective communications are usually a critical component of any change initiative. 

My specialties and areas of experience include:

  • Employee Benefits Communication [handouts, presentations, videos, and more]
  • Social Media Recruiting Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Employer Branding
  • Wellness Program Communication

What Attracted Julie to HNI

You know what they say: A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

I know my value as an employee and what I can offer a company – and I needed an employer that was on the same page as me. I feel like my ideas are actually heard here at HNI and I’m trusted to do my best.

Favorite Wicked Problem to Crush

Rebranding. It’s a time consuming process and can be tough work, but the end result is a clearer understanding of what the organization stands for and tangible understanding of a company’s culture.  Once it all comes together, it’s so worth it because it’s the foundation of all future communications efforts.   

Career Advice

Never underestimate the power of a firm handshake.

Personal Hero

Whoever pitched the idea of sewer systems. Seriously, human well-being has changed drastically for the better because of it!

Last Book Read

Currently enjoying The Stand by Stephen King.

Person She Would Most Like to Meet

This is an [arguably] useless answer if anyone’s trying to set up a meeting for me, but Joan Rivers. That lady knew how to entertain an audience, and I can’t think of many who could top her level of confidence.


I love mine dearly!  My fiancé Ivan and I just adopted our first fur-baby, Winnie (a Rottweiler), over the summer.

Favorite Film

Pulp Fiction. I’m a big fan of Quinten Tarantino’s work. Second runner up, you ask? Gotta go with Mean Girls.

What She Most Likes Doing in Her Free Time

I’m a homebody, so my happy place is being at home working on whatever project I’ve been #Pinspired by or playing with my pup.


Want to learn more about HNI's capabilities in Advisory?  Contact your Relationship Manager, comment below, or stay tuned for our next Advisory Spotlight! 


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