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THE Paper Transport Story




Paper Transport has been able to grow at a pace that few trucking companies even dream about: 17% per year for the past 14 years. But this growth also presents a challenge:

How do we ensure that our safety culture remains uncompromising?

Jeff Shefchik, president of Paper Transport, has continuously reinforced the company's core value of safety. Ultimately, this has allowed Paper Transport to take more ownership of their risk and reward themselves for their strong performance.







Each step that you take towards improving your safety culture will be questioned (and to some extent, resisted). Explaining the WHY behind each of these decisions is critical. As Jeff Shefchik, president of Paper Transport, explains:

"Each time you make a change, you need to explain why you made that change to the drivers so that you get their buy-in. Only then will they really understand how important safety is as a part of the culture and the values of the company."

Below are a few of the initiatives that Paper Transport has implemented to further reinforce their safety culture:

  1. Slowing trucks down
  2. Adding roll stability control
  3. Installing e-logs 7 years before the mandate
  4. Installing DriveCam in all trucks
  5. Installing collision avoidance systems
  6. Rolling out a performance-based driver scorecard






Paper Transport's growth remains a rallying cry for the company. Their uncompromising commitment to their values has allowed them to bet on themselves and their safety performance - ultimately reducing the cost of their insurance.
They have also been recognized across the industry for their efforts: Paper Transport wins 2017 Safety Award.




"We bet on ourselves because we're confident in the culture we've built."

Jeff Shefchik, President



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