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Leading companies are taking ownership of their insurance and employee benefits.











Entrepreneurs and business leaders thrive on being in control. For many, this is why they chose to start a business in the first place.

But when it comes to insurance and employee benefits, the feeling is different. In spite of their best efforts, their costs continue to rise. The system keeps winning. And they don’t have a reliable way to take back control. 





We call this Insurance Dependency.

And it creates a lot of problems.


You spend more but get less.

The cost of your employee benefits continues to increase. And to make matters worse your employees don't seem to appreciate how much you're spending.

You try to be safer but nothing changes.

You try do the right things. You encourage safe behaviors whenever you can. But the safety initiatives you try to implement fail to live up to expectations. 

You never escape the annual renewal game.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies and brokers focus on short-term tactics rather than executing a multi-year strategy that can actually make an impact. So each year, no matter how well you perform, you get stuck searching for "the least bad quote." 




There's a better way.

Leading companies are building a multi-year strategy to break-free from insurance dependency, inspire their people, and grow. 


 We use a system called


which brings results like this:









Choose where to start:

We believe that the safest and best companies should bet on themselves. 



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We believe in putting an end to the insanity of health care.



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