[If you want different results, you have to BE DIFFERENT]

Controlling insurance costs starts with controlling your losses.  After getting you the coverage you need, we get to work and take proactive measures to destroy sources of risk within your organization.  We develop programs to support continual improvement and to impact your organization’s culture.  [The key to delivering the desired results.]

Training and Education

A major cause of claims is improper training and education.  Nearly all companies have some kind of safety program in place -- but only a very small minority have a program that actually accomplishes what it sets out to do.  

Most safety and compliance programs center on one thing: a dusty binder that no one ever reads.  We’ll help you take it beyond that and make sure the message hits home with your employees.

Site Assessments

We come out to your worksites to evaluate your risk.  Whether it's a construction site, a manufacturing facility or an office building, we identify what situations may contribute to claims down the road so that you can address them.

In the event of an accident, we come out to evaluate what went wrong and what your liability is.  The actions after an incident largely dictate the outcome.  Fixed site or over the road, vehicle, liability, workers compensation, and public liability exposures can all be lessened through complete investigation - depending on the scale of the accident, sometimes saving you millions of dollars.    

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance issues can be a major headache for many business owners.  Knowing whether you are up to snuff and where you sit in comparison to your competition is often times a mystery.  We help clear the fog around compliance and develop an intervention plan to address any legal issues and protect your company from fines and risk. We'll put internal safety regulations in place and develop a comprehensive compliance management program for your company.