Larry Linne

Larry G. Linne is one of the business world’s most innovative thinkers. Larry’s powerful thinking strategies combined with his broad and varied experiences has led to a successful, far-reaching career. From pro football player to industry leading sales manager to published author, his ideas have been implemented in businesses of all classifications, including small business and Fortune 100 companies.

Upon leaving the NFL, Larry immediately entered the business world where he has had the opportunity to work in a Fortune 100 company, a small construction equipment company, an insurance agency and to launch his own consulting business.  

At the forefront of innovative business thinking, Larry has applied and created valuable intellectual capitol in the areas of performance management, virtual sales management, selling systems, marketing, effective second in command principles and leadership concepts.

Larry is able to translate his ideas through his engaging and captive speaking style, and he speaks over 100 times per year to companies all over the U.S., Canada and South America. Providing new insight to a broad range of topics, Larry’s dynamic style and wise business acumen brings audiences in the business world the right thoughts at the right time.

Larry’s first major professional success took place in the National Football League, where Larry entered as a free agent and won his first opportunity as a strike player in 1987.  Larry subsequently earned a team spot with the New England patriots where he played the entire 1987 season.

The NFL sparked Larry’s speaking career, and during this time Larry spoke at various large business events, charity programs, churches and youth programs.

Larry is currently the President & CEO of Sitkins International, Inc.