[If you can’t win the war, change the battlefield.]

HNI starts by looking at your data - the size of your pool, your unique demographic make up, your claims and utilization history - and we go from there to design a custom solution for your needs. We’ll open your eyes to cutting edge options that help you aggressively manage costs, while making benefits “feel like a benefit” again for your employees.

Competitive Benchmarking

By benchmarking your plan against industry peers, we help you stay competitive and gain insight into how your plan is performing.  We don't do guesswork - we dive deep into the data when making decisions about things as important (and costly) as your benefits program.   

Coverage Analysis

Using your claims and utilization history, we proactively predict where your costs are moving in the future.  We’ll identify members of your pool that are most expensive and develop unique strategies to manage the cost of this high-risk population, helping you control overall costs.

Funding & Contribution Strategies

In recent years, employers have been asking employees to contribute more to their health plans, but this hasn’t really slowed the rising overall cost of care.  We carefully design your funding/contribution strategy to incentivize the behaviors you’d like to see in your population.