The Supreme Court Ruling: Health Care Reform One Step at a Time [WEBINAR RECORDING]

SPEAKERS: Renee Kuhs, Compliance Attorney, and Steve Hook, Benefits Leader


The Supreme Court finally released their decision on health care reform, and with it came a flood of information for employers and HR managers. On July 19, 2012, we held a webinar to summarize the Court’s opinion on the Health Care Reform ruling and how this will impact your business.


  • What are the expected results of the individual mandate as a tax?
  • Immediate changes include medical loss ratio payouts and new W-2 reporting requirements
  • Information on exchanges and a uniform summary of company benefits must be distributed by the employer
  • What are the risks and benefits for employers who choose to Pay or Play?
  • What are the next steps for business owners and HR managers? 

Most importantly, we discuss how the decision impacts employers and their employee benefit strategies, as well as what actions you need to take.