DON’T HIRE THAT CLAIM: Using Post-Offer Physicals & Capabilities Testing to Control Costs

webinar icon 2013 Webinar


  • Dr. Andrew Seter, U.S. HealthWorks
  • Mike Olenchek, PT, U.S. HealthWorks


The talent pool is tight these days in many industries – but even in a competitive hiring environment, companies need to be thorough with their process of choosing the right employees.

Many employer make job offers based on only a background check or drug screen, but we recommend a third component – a comprehensive Post Offer Physical, including a Physical Abilities Testing protocol that is ADA compliant. Employers need to protect themselves by doing all they legally can to determine if an applicant can safely perform the physical demands of a job. This webinar reveals why you should consider a Post Offer Physical and how to incorporate this into your hiring process.


  • The legal and medical justification for comprehensive Post Offer Physicals and Physical Capacities Testing
  • Including the “right stuff” in employee screenings
  • Creating and using ADA Compliant Job Descriptions as part of a Fitness for Duty process
  • How and when to make Post Offer Physicals and Physical Capacities Testing an integral part of your hiring process
  • Q & A