Doing More With Less: Developing a Self-Service Culture Using HR Technology

describe the image 2013 Webinar


  • Michael Weiskirch, Principal, EmployeeTech, Inc. 


  • HR & Benefits Professionals


In a world driven by waste reduction, efficiency, and speed, technology is king. But more often than not, technology is letting HR professionals down.

The self-service employee benefits tool isn’t always empowering its users or reducing the questions and administrative burden placed on HR. That performance management platform isn’t keeping the high-performing player from leaving the organization. Systems that lack needed functionality or proper integration often just add complexity and confusion to the mix, and IT doesn’t have the time or resources.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had comprehensive, time-saving technology … that people actually liked to use? Having the right technology in place to support your goals can be a game changer for HR professionals.


  • Trends in HR automation that work and measurements of success
  • Bridging the gap between technology and the employee experience
  • Building a self-service culture
  • Identifying workflow and process improvement
  • Finding creative ways to approach integration of HR technologies
  • Building a sustainable HR Automation Strategy