Cyber Risks Looming in the Transportation Industry
[Slide Deck and Webinar Recording]

cyber risk looming in transportationwebinar icon 2014 Webinar


  • Kevin Zinter, Senior Vice President at AmWINS Brokerage of Illinois, LLC


Cyber risk related to information security is growing. Every day there are new reports of accounts being hacked, customer information being stolen, or data leaks by rogue employees. It’s not just the big name companies that are at risk either — more and more small and mid-sized companies are becoming the victims of online data theft and fraud.

A potentially huge exposure for transportation companies is the personal data of their current and prospective drivers. Many transportation companies are processing a high volume of applicants due to increased turnover or recruiting demands. In our experience, few companies have a robust information security plan and/or a cyber liability policy to protect against this risk.

This HNI U webinar presented strategies to mitigate your cyber risk, focusing on examples unique to the transportation industry.

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  • The most common network security and privacy liability risks facing businesses today
  • Cyber risk insurance coverages
  • Exclusions associated with insurance policies and potential gaps in coverage to look for
  • State and federal laws impacting cyber risk
  • Case studies and examples in transportation related to cyber risk