5 Steps to Uncovering Your Cyber Liabilty Risks

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No matter how good your IT security is, your business is at risk for having your information stolen. Google, Facebook, Citibank, and even the federal government have fallen prey to cyber attacks in the past year.

It’s not just the big name companies that are at risk either – more and more small and mid-sized companies are becoming the victims of online data theft and fraud. While large-scale security breaches tend to get more attention from the media, it makes more sense for hackers to go after the “low hanging fruit” of smaller and more vulnerable companies.

The good news about cyber risks is that most data and privacy breaches are preventable. Only 3% of the 1,700 incidents that occurred in 2010 were considered unavoidable. By carefully considering your liabilities and proactively planning for incidents, you can do a great deal to ensure your company isn’t the next cyber victim.

Use this white paper to:

  • Evaluate your current coverage
  • Assess your current cyber liabilty risks
  • Prepare yourself for potential security threats