Chiropractors and Work Comp:
Aligning Treatment and Expectations to Handle Claims Effectively
[Slide Deck and Webinar Recording]

webinar icon2014 Webinar


  • Dr. Marc Gilerovich, The ALARIS Group, Inc.

chiropractors and work compChiropractic care is becoming a more frequent means of treating work-related injuries — and it can become a costly expense area associated with work comp claims. How do you differentiate when care is truly needed, or when an employee (or care provider) is just milking the system?

At this HNI U event, Dr. Marc Gilerovich shared how chiropractors approach care versus medical doctors and how this impacts claims management. He shared tools to work with chiropractors in handling a workers' compensation case to achieve a better and quicker outcome, as well as how to refute treatment and put an end to a case the chiropractor will not discharge on.

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  • Kinds of work comp cases that may involve chiropractic care
  • Tips for employers to work with chiropractors effectively
  • How to ensure you stay informed of an employee’s treatment plan
  • How state law impacts chiropractic care in work comp claims

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