Changing Employee Behavior With the Behavior Bank Account Approach [WEBINAR RECORDING]

Fill out the form to the right to get the slides and view the recording of this April 25th, 2012, HNI University webinar featuring Chad Tisonik, Advisory Practice Leader at HNI!  

In this program, Chad discusses how to design an incentive program that encourages employees to take ownership of their own behaviors using an approach called the "Behavior Bank Account".

Whether trying to lower health care and workers' compensation costs or attempting to increase quality and productivity, the key factor in success or failure lie in each of your employee's individual behavior. 


  • Tools to uncover unwanted and wanted behaviors
  • Why some incentive programs fail
  • Examples of how your employee's negative behaviors are costing your company money
  • Ways to help employees "own" their risk and behaviors
  • Real world examples of how The Behavior Bank Account works