BUSINESS INSURANCE BOOTCAMP: the Coverages, the Lingo, and the Impact on Your Business

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  • Art Josetti, Account Executive at HNI 


  • Newer CFOs and Risk Managers 

  • CFOs and Risk Managers looking for a “refresher course” on insurance 

  • Business leaders with input in insurance & risk management, but who primarily focus on another area of the business


Business owners and managers know that their company needs insurance to be protected.  But heads often start spinning when it comes to the wide range of insurance policies that are available and identifying what you really need and why.  The amount of jargon our industry uses adds another layer of complexity to the mix.

At this HNI University workshop, we’ll outline the most important concepts in business insurance and risk management and guide you through how the most common coverages you elect or decline impact your business.

This workshop is ideal for newer risk managers or for business leaders who have input in insurance and risk management but whose primary focus is in another area of the business.  Those who attend will leave with a solid foundation to better inform decision making related to managing your business insurance program. 


  • The Impact of Insurance on Your Business

  • The Most Common Types of Policies: What They Cover and Who Needs Them

  • Factors in Determining Your Rates

  • How the Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Factor Works

  • How Modern Business Insurance Evolved and Where it's Headed