Benefits Benchmarking: Lessons Learned from Top Performers

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  • Jon Gabel, Principal Investigator for the Kaiser Family Foundation Survey 

  • Anthony Fioretti, Executive Director of Business Development at HNI
  • Steve Hook, Benefits Practice Leader at HNI


As your company competes for top talent, it's vital to know how your plan stacks up against others and what you can do to control costs. The Kaiser Family Foundation's annual survey provides critical benchmarking data offering insight into how you can effectively offer the most value from your benefit package. 

At this HNI University workshop, Jon Gabel presented the "hot off the presses" data from the 2012 Kaiser survey.  Following the discussion of the Kaiser benefits benchmarking data, Anthony Fioretti and Steve Hook from HNI discussrf a number of innovative benefits strategies that are emerging in the marketplace. Through case studies of top-performing companies, they illustrated new approaches with the potential to help beat the trend of rising costs of health care and employee benefits. 


  • Benefits plan design trends
  • Trends in plan cost and employee premium sharing 
  • Data on wellness and health management programs
  • Consumerism and employee engagement information
  • Emerging innovative benefits strategies