Driving Organizational Performance & Waste Reduction With the Behavior Bank Account

health care reform 2012 Webinar Event


Chad Tisonik, Advisory Practice Leader & Vice President at HNI


  • Business owners
  • HR Professionals
  • Safety Professionals


At this HNI U event we'll discuss how to design an incentive program that encourages employees to take ownership of their own behaviors using an approach called the "Behavior Bank Account".

Whether trying to lower health care and workers' compensation costs or attempting to increase quality and productivity, the key factor in success or failure lie in each of your employee's individual behavior. 

While company-wide, group and team incentives can be effectively morale boosters and often help you reach your goals, it can also leave room for underperforming employees to hide behind your top performers. 

If you believe Pareto's Principle that roughly 20% of your employees drive approximately 80% of your costs (health care or workers' compenstion), then you must develop a system that addresses each of your employees individually and inspires them to change their own behavior. 


  • Tools to uncover unwanted and wanted behaviors
  • Why some incentive programs fail
  • Examples of how your employee's negative behaviors are costing your company money
  • Ways to help employees "own" their risk and behaviors
  • Real world examples of how The Behavior Bank Account works