2014 FMCSA and Wisconsin State Patrol Update
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  • Michael Klingenberg, Wisconsin State Patrol
  • Mark Oesterle, FMCSA

2014 FMCSA and Wisconsin State Patrol UpdateCOURSE DESCRIPTION

It’s fall, the kids are back in school, and once again HNI has been able to obtain representatives from both the FMCSA and Wisconsin State Patrol for our annual FMCSA/State Patrol update.

Want to know the latest in enforcement and direction of these agencies? Anne Ferro is out, but does that make a difference at the state level? What are the “hot buttons” for the roadside inspectors? Are officers being trained on electronic log devices? These questions and more were addressed at our workshop.

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  • Where are we on the electronic logging device final rule?
  • New website design for CSA
  • What officers are focusing on during roadside inspections
  • Q&A