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The business world is changing at an incredible rate. Which means we, too, need to change in order to survive.

But getting people (and organizations) to change is incredibly difficult. So most initiatives fade away or come up short of expectations. 

That's where the DE-RISKING Business System comes into play. The DBS is designed to ensure you're always making forward progress. It's a systematic approach to building a multi-year strategy and holding people accountable for results.

The goal: to grow your business, inspire your people, and break free from insurance dependency.


DE-RISKING Overview:






At the core of the DE-RISKING Business System is the development and execution of a multi-year strategy. This, paired with 2-way accountability, ensures that we're always making forward progress.


Getting Clarity is about having a clear picture of where you are, where you’re going, and what stands in the way. This is the critical first step of DBS, because without Clarity we can't develop a strategy to get you to the promised land.


Once we have Clarity about what we're trying to achieve, the next step is to develop a multi-year strategy and a Gameplan that details how we're going to do it.  Within the Gameplan, accountabilities are clearly assigned with key milestone dates attached.

From the very first step of DBS, we'll identify key metrics that will show the progress we are making. Having these metrics.    
The Risk Financing step is the last step of DBS. Everything that we've done to this point will ensure that you have an insurance and health care financing mechanism that is aligned with your company's long-term goals.



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Results of DE-RISKING
More Control.

As a top performer, insurance companies will fight for the opportunity to work with you. The days of waiting to see who will offer you a quote and how much you're going to pay are over. You're in the driver seat now. 

Reduced Insurance Dependency.

When you're confident in the culture and systems that you've put into place, you have the ability to bet on yourself.  When you're doing the right things, you should be rewarded for great results. 

Better Execution.

At the core of the DE-RISKING Business System is accountability. Nearly all of our strategies, from improving safety to driving cultural change, succeed or fail based on our ability to define performance metrics and measure our progress. Learn more about our thoughts on accountability here


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