A New Club Can’t Change Your Game

Written by Brad Hengel | Wed, Apr 29,2015 @ 10:00 AM

Relationship Manager at HNI

As a former PGA golf professional, I have spent countless hours helping golfers improve their game.

Every spring, I had the same scenario with my students: players got excited by new equipment coming out (great marketing by club manufacturers) and they were convinced that a new driver would be the key to saving them strokes.

If you want different results – you need to do something different

In reality, the new club was a means to hide more fundamental flaws -- and it usually only provided short term gratification.

For the people I’ve worked with, focusing on basic swing fundamentals --  grip, stance, posture, and alignment -- has proven to serve better long term. 

Changing their behavior is more important than simply changing clubs.

The parallel with insurance

The insurance world is really no different:  Too often we fall into the trap of “improving the insurance game” with a cheaper new policy. Like the new driver, this feels good at first but it doesn’t address the factors that truly impact costs. 

How are you working to improve your insurance game?  How are you strengthening culture?  Do you have engaged leaders and empowered employees?

In reality, the best way to improve your insurance game is by changing behavior, not insurance policies. 


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