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  • Wisconsin Worker's Compensation changes
  • How litigation may impact the Worker's Comp claims process and affect insurance rates
  • Advice for mitigating claims utilizing the Worker's Comp laws


  • Mark Brault, Compliance Advisor/Benefits Attorney, HNI
  • Ben Menzel, Relationship Manager/Legal Advisor, HNI 
  • Britta Wagner, Claims Specialist, HNI


  • Human Resources and other professionals who handle Worker's Compensation claims
  • Claims Managers and Business Owners


The recent changes to the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation laws have left many HR professionals with looming questions. Our upcoming webinar will contain a brief overview of these changes and will discuss how these changes could impact your business operations. Our panel of speakers will also address new legal issues that may arise due to the changes and how an employer should be proactive with the implementation of these new laws.

HNI attorneys, Mark Brault and Ben Menzel, will touch on the legal aspects of the recent changes, while Britta Wagner, HNI's Claims Specialist, will provide insight into how these changes will impact you. 

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