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The war for talent is on.  It’s getting increasingly challenging to find the “right fit” people with the skills and work ethic needed to fuel growth.  Talented individuals have choices about the organizations they choose to give their blood, sweat, and tears to. 

This HNI University event featured a series of short presentations (TED Talk style, each 15 minutes or less) on how you can be the kind of organization that attracts and retains talent better than your competition.  Topics covered included:

The Big Picture: Your Employer Brand
Mike Natalizio, CEO at HNI
Social Recruiting: Dipping Your Toe In & Measuring Success 
Andrea Tarrell, Marketing Director at HNI
What’s Broken with Employee Benefits Communication  
Matt Bucher, Relationship Manager at HNI + Julie Lillegren, Communications Specialist at HNI 
Technology to Change the Game at Open Enrollment  
Michael Weiskirch, HR Technology Consultant
Using Humor to Engage Employees  
AJ Black, Jellyvision
Using HR Policy & Internal Communication to “Sell” Your Value
Janine Tracy, Director of People at HNI
Driving Performance & Setting Goals   
Chad Tisonik, President of HNI Wisconsin
How to Eat the Elephant: Creating a Plan for Your Organization
Hugh Devlyn, Director of Benefits at HNI

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