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DOT Compliance For
Non-Trucking Companies
DOT/FMCSA Compliance Workshop for Companies with Commercial Vehicles
HNI DE-RISKING Center - New Berlin, WI ; February 16th, 2023
What is this event?

This workshop is a crash course in the DOT and FMCSA laws and regulations that are applicable to companies with commercial vehicles (but not full on trucking companies).  We'll review the constantly evolving regulations, as well as discuss best practices.






WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This workshop is for anyone involved in managing compliance for a company with commercial vehicles. 

WHEN IS IT?: The workshop will take place February 16th, 2022 from 9:00am-2:00pm. 

WHERE IS IT?  The workshop will take place at the HNI DE-RISKING Center, 16805 W. Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, WI.

Abrahamson, MarksmMARK ABRAHAMSON retired from the Wisconsin State Patrol in 2017. His extensive DOT experience has taught him an important lesson: drivers often don’t realize the impact that their behavior has on the company they work for. 
Areas of Expertise:
  • FMCSA – Passenger Technical Advisory Committee
  • Motor Carrier Enforcement Investigation Unit Supervisor
  • State Patrol Northeast Region Inspector Sergeant
  • State Patrol Inspector
  • Certified Passenger Vehicle Instructor for FMCSA Training Center
  • Grand Champion – International Inspector Championship
SwanJEFF SWAN retired from the Wisconsin State Patrol in 2014. Jeff spent 34 years working as an inspector, and now he spends his time helping bridge the gap between the driver, the trucking company, and the law. 
Areas of Expertise:
  • Inspector, Trooper, and Sergeant for 34 years
  • Motor Carrier Investigation Unit – Audits, Compliance Reviews, FMCSA Roadside Inspections
  • WSP Background Investigator and Division Instructor
  • Certifications held in MCSAP, HM (bulk and non-bulk), Cargo Tank and Passenger Inspections, and Compliance Reviews and Safety Audits

We'll dig deep into the details of the most important (and often misunderstood) regulations. 
We're not just going to regurgitate the rules. We're going to be real about the best ways to comply with them in an efficient way. 
We'll share what's coming down the pipeline.