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February 20, 2024 - New Berlin, WI     
Safety Manager Bootcamp

A Comprehensive Program for Safety Leaders in Construction Companies







What is this event?
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In a construction company, risk is ever-present. Many of these risks are obvious - like proper safety procedures and risk management. But there are also many risks that are hidden - in areas like Leadership, Culture, and Operations.

This program will cover a balance of topics that include compliance, as well as safety, culture, and more. 


Who is this event for?
This program is for safety managers, risk managers, or other leaders in your company that have a role in safety and compliance. 



The topics covered will be split between safety culture and compliance, and will include:
  • OSHA
  • Safety culture
  • Employee retention
  • Experience MOD
  • Workers' Compensation
  • MVRs and Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Fall Protection
  • More!




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Kyle Meinert

Director of Advisory Services at HNI Risk Services / Acrisure

Kyle Meinert, the Director of Advisory Services at HNI Risk Services since 2014, is a distinguished figure in risk management, having previously worked at the State of Wisconsin Risk Management Bureau.

His expertise is further evidenced by his active roles in organizations such as the Wisconsin Safety Council, American Red Cross Trainer, National Fire Protection Association, and as a Board Certified Safety Professional, showcasing his deep commitment to safety and risk management excellence.


Jake Jansen

Risk Advisor at HNI Risk Services / Acrisure

Jake was a former safety manager and HR director for a large and quickly growing transportation company. 
Jake's operational expertise allows him to show how to address and integrate changes.​ Jake's first-hand experience in connecting with front line employees has granted him the ability to predict and address obstacles in implementing changes​. 

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