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WHY use Train Tracks?

Organizing, tracking and documenting training are wicked problems that many companies face.

Good news! Train Tracks, our Learning Management System [LMS], resolves your training pains by:

• Tracking and reporting courses of your choice
• Reducing repetitive training [thus saving your company all sorts of $$$]
• Minimizing regulatory citations [OSHA, DOT, EPA, DOL] with documented, proven training and custom logs
• Strengthening your training practices with verified quizzes and learning objectives
• Streamlining your orientation to reduce onboarding costs

WHAT is Train Tracks?

This isn’t your average “safety” training program. Train Tracks boasts 340+ courses in safety, HR, and other regulatory topics. Our Train Trackers are continuously adding fresh content so you can be confident that the interactive materials are always up to date.

Do you want to create your own training content? Done! Orientations, benefits overviews, welcome videos, policy rollouts and more are at your fingertips, making your training program specifically tailored to your company needs.

WHO benefits from Train Tracks?

You! If you work in a culture that needs a recordable, trackable platform to deliver OSHA, HR, or supervisor training efficiently, then Train Tracks is right up your alley.

WHEN & WHERE can Train Tracks be used?

Gone are the days of herding everyone into a room with a set meeting schedule and constant interruptions. This LMS allows endless options to train anyone, anywhere, and at any time thanks to mobile training—so go ahead, get creative! 

HOW to start

We'll help you get set up and share best practices for delivering training as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We'll also help you select the courses that will be most impactful for your organization.

Instead of paying “some other” provider $15 per class, we offer Train Tracks at a discounted price of $1 per employee per month with a minimum of $100.

Course customization is also available through a one-time $1,500 investment. Our Train Trackers will create your personalized training model to effectively address the unique industry circumstances your team faces.

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