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Managing People Risk: The Human Side of the Equation

HNI_Orange Paper_People Risk-1.jpgWhat is people risk? People risk is having the wrong people in the right positions. People risk is failing to understand brand. People risk is having a weak tone at the top that sets little precedent. People risk is the uncontrollable side of what people do.

The orange paper explores people risk through four unique case studies, and each case study offers a thought-provoking study guide to help leaders assess people risk at their organizations. Opportunities for greater efficiency, harmony, and profitably exist through skillful management of people risk.

The seven-page white paper covers:

  • the four types of people risk
  • why your people need to know "They Why" of your organization
  • the importance of leveraging your brand
  • how transparency can bust organizational waste
  • ways to sustain organizational change for the long haul
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