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De-Risking the 7 Traps of Independent Contractors

HNI_Orange Paper_7 Wicked Problems_Independent Contractors.jpgMany trucking companies rely on Independent Contractors (ICs) to supplement their workforce
due to the many benefits they bring forth. Along with cost savings, ICs offer staffing flexibility
and a reduction in your exposure if you correctly handle their contract and employment process.
Although ICs have their fair share of benefits, they certainly come with various risk factors as well.

The issue that continues to arise within the trucking industry is reclassification of drivers.
Reclassification has significant impact on workers’ compensation premiums, claim payments, and
equipment leasing issues. In addition, insurance programs that pertain to ICs, such as occupational
accident insurance, continue to challenge the trucking industry.

This orange paper covers:

  • What an Independent Contractor is
  • The wicked problems faced by employers
  • Tips to avoid common pitfalls with Independent Contractors
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