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Bucking Driver Turnover with Wellness

HNI_Orange Paper_Melton a True Culture of Wellness.jpgDriver turnover is one of the biggest “wicked problems” the transportation industry is facing. The unique challenges of the job are causing many millennials to steer clear of a career in truck driving. But, if you’re looking to buck the trend, then it’s time to look at one of the biggest opportunities to attract and retain drivers: wellness. 

Introducing a wellness program is a good start, but if you really want to move the needle then
you need to look at wellness holistically. So, what is a holistic wellness program? What programs can you put in place to positively impact driver health and how can your company succeed in this

One company that has succeeded in the tricky area of wellness is Melton Truck Lines. HNI had the pleasure of interviewing Angie Buchanan, VP of HR & Safety to discuss their wellness journey and how they are recognized as a top fleet to work for year after year.

This orange paper covers:

  • How Melton has used wellness to impact driver turnover
  • Melton's culture of Wellness
  • How to incorporate wellness into your company
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