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January 16, 2024 - New Berlin, WI     
Navigating the Future of Leadership In a Disconnected World

Explore successful leadership strategies & learn how to avoid common pitfalls in an increasingly fragmented & digital era.







What is this event?
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In an era where the traditional norms of leadership are being constantly challenged, this event, led by Kyle Meinert, offers a comprehensive guide to mastering leadership in a disconnected world.

Aimed at professionals across various sectors, this event is designed to provide insights and practical strategies to excel in leadership roles amidst today's dynamic environment.


Who is this event for?

This program is for anyone that has a management or leadership role in any industry or sector. 




Led by Kyle Meinert, Director of Advisory Services at HNI, below is what this event will cover:

Topics include:

    • Leadership 101: Learn the fundamentals of successful leadership in today's dynamic environment.
    • Leadership Traps: Identify common pitfalls in leadership roles and strategies to avoid them.
    • Developing Leaders In a New World: Explore innovative approaches to cultivating leadership skills in the modern context.



Event Format:

  • Presentation: A detailed presentation by Kyle Meinert, covering the aforementioned topics, enriched with real-world examples and actionable insights.

  • Breakout Sessions: Post-presentation, attendees will engage in breakout sessions. These sessions are designed to provide personalized learning experiences and an opportunity for networking with peers. It's a chance to delve deeper into specific topics, discuss challenges, and share experiences in smaller, interactive groups.

Why Attend?
  • Enhance Leadership Skills: Equip yourself with the latest leadership strategies and skills to thrive in today's disconnected world.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your professional network.

  • Personalized Learning: Benefit from the breakout sessions tailored to address individual concerns and provide practical solutions.



Kyle Meinert Headshot




Kyle Meinert

Director of Advisory Services at HNI Risk Services / Acrisure

Kyle Meinert, the Director of Advisory Services at HNI Risk Services since 2014, is a distinguished figure in risk management, having previously worked at the State of Wisconsin Risk Management Bureau.

His expertise is further evidenced by his active roles in organizations such as the Wisconsin Safety Council, American Red Cross Trainer, National Fire Protection Association, and as a Board Certified Safety Professional, showcasing his deep commitment to safety and risk management excellence.



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